Learning Tools

All these learning tools are beta test versions designed to evaluate the use of video games in support of sustainability education and awareness for selected target user groups. Before trying these tools it is very important to ensure that your computer is set up for these software requirements(namely Google Chrome Browser, Adobe Shockwave and Adobe Flash). Please also read the associated leaflet for known issues and solutions.

The ASPIS Sustainability Game

This is a role-playing problem solving simulation designed to support planners, architects, environmental NGOs and teachers in understanding and practising solving the sustainability problems of public open spaces such as parks.

Watch the video introduction to the game missions!

Watch the cartoon presentation of the game objectives

Click here to try the prototype of the serious game

The ASPIS Star Rating Tool

This is a tool to support teachers, planners and architects in the evaluation of existing public spaces by rating these spaces against various sustainability criteria. The tool has an expert mode for use by professionals to set up new ratings and access summaries of the star ratings and an end user mode for use by students and members of the public to rate specific open public spaces.

Click here to audit your open space with the ASPIS Star Rating Tool!

The ASPIS Memory Game

This is a fun tool designed for ice-breaking and as a gateway for teachers to raise awareness of sustainability issues and terms.

Click here to play the ASPIS Memory Game!


Every precaution has been taken to ensure that these beta test games will work on standard Windows based computers but the project cannot guarantee full access to the tools on all operating systems and browsers.


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