Programme – Full Presentations

In this section you have the opportunity to view the e-conference programme and the full presentations, as they were put forward by the e-conference speakers. To view the presentations, please click on the title of each presentation on the programme that follows.

 “Sustainable Public Spaces: an eLearning Experience”

ASPIS e-Conference Schedule

Day 1

Tuesday 29th of May 2012

E-Conference Room

Second Life: SGI Nexus

1st Session:


Introduction to the ASPIS project
15:00-15:40 CET Title: Introduction to the ASPIS project (Auditing the Sustainability of Public Spaces) Presenter: Fouli Papageorgiou – PRISMA Centre for Development Studies,Greece
Title: ASPIS Learning Methodology and ToolsPresenter: Aristidis Protopsaltis – Coventry University, UK
2ndSession:Theme Auditing the sustainability of open spaces – the approach (coordinator: Aristidis Protopsaltis)
15:40-17:30 CET Title: Pyblik, The Culture of the Public SpacePresenter: Roland Piffet,Belgium
Title: North-Eastern perceptions on sustainability of public spaces: case studies from the Baltic StatesPresenters: Friedrich Kuhlmann & Monika Suskevics – Eesti Maaülikool –


Title: Bridging gender and city planning: Criteria for proximity facilitiesPresenter: Inés Novella Abril, Spain
Day 2

Wednesday 30th of May 2012

E-Conference Room

Second Life: SGI Nexus

3rd Session: Theme

Best practice in applying sustainability principles in public open spaces (coordinator: Fouli Papageorgiou)

10:00-11:30 CET

Title: VdB: A comprehensive and participative urban regeneration bottom‑up project carried out in Virgen de Begoña district of Madrid.Presenter: Pilar Diaz, Paisaje Transversal, Madrid School of Architecture -Spain
Title: On the way to public space sustainability in the Baltic context: from constant to temporaryPresenter: Jekaterina Balicka – University of Life Sciences,Estonia
Title: The secrets for designing successful public spacesPresenter: Aikaterini Gkoltsiou, Landscape Architect (Ph.D., M.L.A.)- Agricultural Engineer (Dip.),Greece

4th Session: Theme

The experience of ASPIS learning tools (coordinator: Fouli Papageorgiou)

11:30-13:00 CET

Title: Auditing the Sustainability of Open Spaces with  eLearning Tools: the Spanish experiencePresenter: Noguera, Joan; Riera, Mar -Universitat de València,Spain
Title: Introducing the Sustainability Game to 15 year old students of a gymnasium in Greece: Comments and considerationsPresenter: Marianna Tsemperlidou, Natural Scientist, Environmental Education Advisor, M. in Education, Director of 6th Gymnasium ofPetroupolis,Greece
Title: Experiences of ASPIS learning tools after the piloting in HungaryPresenter: Barsi Boglárka – Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Regional Studies

4th Session – continued

The experience of ASPIS learning tools (coordinator: Aristidis Protopsaltis)

15:00-16:00 CET

Title: Experience from the application of the ASPIS tools in BelgiumPresenter: Tomas Ooms, St. Lucas School of Architecture,Belgium
Title: The use of the ASPIS tools in a university settingPresenter: Csaba Koren,Széchenyi István University,Hungary

5th Session:


Citizen mobilisation, ICT and the learning experience (coordinator: Aristidis Protopsaltis)

16:00-18:00 CET

Title: Building a network to disseminate lifelong learning for sustainability: the ASPIS experiencePresenter: Fouli Papageorgiou – PRISMA Centre for Development Studies,Greece
Title: Serious Games in EducationPresenter: Sonia Hetzner – FAU, Germany
Title: Second Life in EducationPresenter: Panagiotis Antoniou – Lab of Medical Informatics, Medical School, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Discussion – conclusions

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