ASPIS Identity

Auditing Sustainability of public Open Spaces

ASPIS is a 3-year European project, running from 2009 to 2012, co-funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme (Transversal Programmes – Key Activity 3 ICT – Multilateral Projects); it is implemented in 7 EU countries.

ASPIS aims to promote learning for public participation in planning and raise awareness on the sustainability of open public spaces among citizens and professionals (architects/planners/students).

The project introduces a Games-based Learning (GBL) methodology, complemented with other interactive communication/internet-based tools, aiming to encourage “learning by-doing” through simulation, negotiation and role-playing. The learning products of ASPIS address professional architects and planners as much as citizens, and are also designed for introduction in school and university curricula, making learning more attractive and relevant to real life situations.

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The ASPIS programme is currently piloting the learning tools (Sustainability Game, Star Rating Tool and Memory Game). The piloting is focused on 4 different target groups:

  • the planning professionals (town planners, architects, etc.),
  • University students in related fields (planning, architecture),
  • secondary school students, and
  • the general public and NGOs dealing with sustainability issues.

The piloting phase is nearing its completion and valuable feedback has been provided so far. Upon completion of the piloting stage in all partner countries, information and feedback will be disseminated through this site. Keep posted!



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