Fouli Papageorgiou is a qualified architect (National Technical University of Athens, Greece) and town planner, with a Ph.D from the University of Birmingham, UK. She has taught and researched in various universities in Greece and UK and has  been a practicing town planner for the past 20 years in Greece; she has also coordinated a large number of transnational projects in Europe, dealing with such topics as public participation in planning, tourism in the context of environmental planning, regional planning and rural development. She is the co-founder and managing director of PRISMA- Centre for Development Studies and has also been a founding member and a member of the Board (president and vice-president) of the EuropeanAcademy for Sustainable Rural Development.


Handan TURKOGLU, Prof. Dr.
Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Istanbul – Turkey

Handan Turkoglu is the Director of the Urban and Regional Planning Department at Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture. She is currently teaching at the same department at Istanbul Technical University. She is author and co-author of 3 books, 7 book chapters and 78 scientific papers published internationally and nationally. Her areas of interest include GIS and urban planning, disaster mitigation, housing and quality of life. She is a member of European Housing Research Network (ENHR) and International Association for People-Environment Studies Network.


Jenny Stenberg, associate professor in urban design and planning, Chalmers University of Technology, Department of Architecture, focus in her education and research on social aspects of sustainable development and in specific on citizen participation in planning, so called codesign and interplace planning (www.interplace.se). As part of this she initiated the master course Suburbs—design & future challenges (suburbsdesign.wordpress.com) given by Chalmers Architecture – a course where design students learn codesign in a ‘million program’ context. She was also one of the initiators of the Centre for Urban Studies Hammarkullen, which Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg started together in a million programme area in Gothenburg. The centre aims at being an innovative and creative platform for research; for development and implementation of professional programs; for widening participation to higher education; and to support of citizen participation in community building. In terms of research, Jenny is responsible for two projects on the them of codesign and interplace planning: the pilot project Urban Empowerment: Cultures of Participation and Learning (www.urbanempower.se) funded by Mistra Urban Futures; and INTERPLACE–How can citizen initiatives interplay with invited participation in urban planning? (mellanplats.wordpress.com) funded by Formas.


Ms. Margarita Karavasili holds a degree in Architecture and an M.Sc. in Physical and Urban Planning & Economy (University Paris IV, Sorbonne) and in Social Psychology (EHESS, Paris).

From 1979 until 2007, Ms. Karavasili was employed by the Hellenic Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works, where she was involved in environmental affairs, regional, urban and housing policies. Her areas of focus included sustainable development, climate change, national energy policies, energy efficiency in buildings, bioclimatic architecture and sustainable construction.

In 2001 Ms. Karavasili was appointed Environmental Attaché to the country’s Permanent Representation in the European Union. Moreover, she served as President of the Council Working Group for the Environment during Greece’s Presidency (2003). From October 2003 until July 2005 she was appointed General Inspector for the Hellenic Environmental Inspectorate.

In parallel to her work at the ministry, Ms. Karavasili has been an active member of scientific and professional associations and non-governmental organisations that relate to the environment and to political ecology. Furthermore, she has published a number of articles in scientific, technical and ecological reviews as well as to the daily press. She is the author of “Green Buildings for a Green World” (1999) and a co-author to four more books.

Since 2006 Ms. Karavasili has also been an active member and a scientific adviser to the International Work Programme for Architecture and Renewable Energy Sources of the International Architects Union (UIA-ARES).

In November 2009 Ms. Karavasili was appointed Special Secretary for the Environment and Energy Inspectorate, which operates under the Hellenic Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change.

Since October 2012 she has founded «Citizens’ Inspectorate for Sustainable Development», a Non-Profit Organisation, becoming the first President.

Her main principles can be summarized as follows: “In partnership with the citizens, I strive to promote sustainable development as it adheres to the principles of political ecology, viewing the concept of environmental protection as a major driving force for the economy and for social cohesion”.


Dr Maurice Hendrix is a senior research assistant at the Serious Games Institute. He completed a BSc and MSc in Computer Science from Eindhoven University of Technology and a PhD from the University of Warwick entitled “Supporting Authoring of Adaptive Hypermedia”. His professional and research interests are centred around emerging web technologies, Intelligent and/or adaptive web-based systems, Semantic Web, Web-services, Authoring of web-based system for non-engineers, Educational Systems, Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL), course creation in e-learning systems by educational authors, Serious Games and Games based learning as well as the impacts of emerging web-based technologies and knowledge management techniques on bio-medical research.

Meriç DEMİR, Res.& T. Assistant / PhD Candidate
Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Istanbul – Turkey

I was born on July 21, 1984 in Istanbul, Turkey. I took my bachelor’s degree in 2008 at Yildiz Technical University-Istanbul in Urban and Regional Planning. Also i took my master degree in 2010 at Yildiz Technical University-Istanbul in Urban Space Organization and Design. My master thesis research title was Livable Space Phenomenon and The Organisation of Public Spaces in Terms of “Urban Communication” and “Public Man”; Pergamon Case in The Ancient Era and in The Present. During my master education i have worked at Yıldız Technical University as student assistant. From December,2011 i have been working as Research and Teaching Assistant at Istanbul Technical University, taking my second year of PhD in Urban Planning. In general, my research areas are Urban Design; Urban Public Life, Human Needs, Publicity, Public Spaces, Urban Communication, Livability, Spatial Organisation.


Assistant Prof. Dr. Guler  KOCA

Anadolu University, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

Department of Architecture,

Eskisehir, Turkey

E-Mail: gkoca@anadolu.edu.tr

Office Telephone: +90 (222) 321 3550 / 6650

Fax: 90 (222) 3239501

Guler Koca conferred her BS degree in Architecture and Ms. and PhD degrees in City Planning. She worked as an administrator in the city planning department of Eskisehir Municipality from 1982-1986. She is working at Anadolu University as an assistant professor and teaching city planning and city administrator classes.

Master Thesis Topic; “The Relationship of Centralization – Decentralization in Urban Planning in Turkey”, 1990, ITU, Istanbul, Turkey

Doctorate Thesis Topic; “Implementation Problems in City Development Planning in Turkey and Proposals for Their Solutions”.1997, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey

Interests: Local Governments, Urban Planning


Assistant Prof. Dr. Rana KARASOZEN

Anadolu University, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture,

Department of Architecture,

Eskisehir, Turkey

Under graduate:  Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture

Graduate:  “Privacy of Turkish Houses during Cultural Change Process”, Anadolu University, Graduate School of Sciences, Department of Architecture, Building Design

Doctorate:  The Approaches Interacting with Rationalism in Istanbul Architecture after 1960″, Istanbul Technical University, Institute of Science and Technology, Department of Architecture, History of Architecture Programme

Interests: Modern Architecture, 20th Century Turkish Architecture, Traditional Turkish Architecture

E-Mail: rkarasozen@anadolu.edu.tr

Office Telephone: +90 (222) 321 3550 / 6656

Fax: 90 (222) 323 9501


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